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Support for People

Project Yen

It is a project that takes a Yen (you no longer need) and deliver it to places where help is needed.


It will be used to repair or build a house

To build a school where it is needed

To provide a safe place for
women and children

To provide work where there is no work

To create a future where there is no future

Project Yen \112,001 June 1, 2023

Sponsorship Program

This is a program to support the expenses of the activities provided by ILC-Culture.
It is intended for children, people with disabilities, the elderly, and those who have retired.
This program will cover the costs needed for the activity.

Health & Living

Our emotions are greatly influenced by the way we live our lives, as well as the way we interact with people in society. Emotions can have a positive effect, and vice versa.

Our thoughts are often created and driven by emotions. It can also be a continuous cycle from one thought to another, or an endless cycle of the same thought that is constantly repeating.
Bouncing from one cycle to another is not uncommon.
But that doesn't mean it's hard to figure out the cause and the right solution.

The key to breaking this cycle is to clarify the actual cause.
By taking a closer look at yourself with patience and guidance this cycle can be broken.

Having time to better understand yourself improves the quality of your life.

Looking forward to the future.
ILC-Culture can help change this cycle.