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We communicate not only with words, but with various facial expressions and movements of the body, but there are often conflicts, such as saying one thing and meaning another.
Therefore, it is important to learn how to communicate properly.
This will greatly improve the quality of life for both you and the people you meet in your life.


To Live¥350

The most precious thing we all have in life is life itself.
Can I live? Yes, I can.
Make a decision not to end your life.


"Part Of The Journey" Vol.1 Where Is My Peace?¥600

Peace results from flexibility, patience, effort and understanding.
There is no point in saying that it is easy.
However, it is not impossible.
This is your life, your future, a place to enjoy.


"Part Of The Journey" Vol.2 Our Destructive Self¥500

In what way am I destructive?
That will depend on what is taking place in your life and the number of issues that are currently in place.
Consider your thoughts and the way they evolve as you interact with people, what emotions come to the surface and what effect does it have on your physical body.

You can begin by making small adjustments in your approach to life and becoming comfortable with yourself as your life begins to change.


"Part Of The Journey" Vol.3 Going Forward¥350

Life would be very simple if we could press a button and make all our troubles and problems disappear.
However, life is not like that and pressing that magic button is not possible.
Therefore we must find an alternative.


"Part Of The Journey" Vol.4 10Steps¥350

Life is full of possibilities, however, we do not always make the best of those situations.
In the final book in the series “Part Of The Journey,” there are 10 easy steps that you can use to your own advantage.
Therefore, make what is possible work for you.

Coloring Book


Colouring Book¥600

This book was created by the talented artist Yoko Yano. Use your imagination to bring the sketches to life.




A selection of postcards also by the hand of Yoko Yano.
Why don't you send a postcard to a friend perhaps after a long absence?



Here we present a selection of characters’ and illustrations from Yoko Yano in the form of bookmarks.